Family resilience

Stories highlighting the resilience of Oakland families.

Profile of The East Oakland Switchboard

  The East Oakland Switchboard is located right around the corner from me.  For three years, I’ve walked and ridden past it and wondered what the business does.  Formerly homeless, I could tell it was[Read more]

Design your destiny then print BIG.

Some people wait on life to define them and others design and define life for themselves. When you get that opportunity to show off your design, make sure you print big. Early Eighties In the[Read more]


The definition of the word resilience is having the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. Over the course of my life I’ve had the pleasure to witness the growth of my cousin Sterling who overcame[Read more]


  I didn’t grow up here. I’m from Illinois, from a town around St. Louis you’ve never heard of. But my dad was born in Hollywood, and I always wanted to know why. Years ago,[Read more]