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Oakland City Council, Youth Commission Highlight Unhoused Youth Voices and Issues

On Monday, April 25, Oakland City Council held a special meeting with the Youth Advisory Commission to give an informational report on youth homelessness in Oakland. Nationally each year, close to 4.2 million youth and[Read more]
An African American woman holds a sign that says ON STRIKE

Oakland Schools Closed and Port Shut Down To Protest Closures and Privatization 

On Friday, April 29, the Oakland Education Association held a one-day strike to protest the Oakland Unified School District’s lack of an engagement process prior to deciding to permanently close eight schools and truncate two[Read more]
An African American girl wearing a masks speaks into a mic while another students is behind her in front of a Golden State Warriors sign

“The Town Talks:” A New Show Launches in Oakland, and the Journalists are Middle School Students

Sometime during the pandemic, during distance learning, Nelda Kerr felt that her middle school students were experiencing Zoom fatigue. To keep them engaged, she decided to reach out to some local living legends in Oakland[Read more]
A banner that says "hands off our schools" in bold red letters in front of Oakland City Hall

School Closures Will Impact Oakland’s Most Vulnerable Students: Disproportionately Low-income, Special Education, and English Learners

Update: On February 9, around 1 a.m., the OUSD school board passed a modified resolution that will close two schools this year: Parker K-8 and Community Day School. Brookfield Elementary, Grass Valley Elementary, Carl B.[Read more]
students holding signs outside middle school saying "save us"

Oakland Students, Teachers, Community Mobilize to Oppose District Plan to Permanently Close Schools

On a cold Monday night in the middle of a pandemic, almost two hundred members of the Manzanita Community School family and their allies gathered for a watch party on the school playground to witness[Read more]
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Dope Only Sells Limited Edition Sweatshirts to Raise Funds for Oakland Athletic League

Beginning in January, Oakland Athletic League (OAL) is partnering with Dope Only Marketing, the creator of “Oakland, USA” t-shirts and sweatshirts, as seen worn by Daveed Diggs in the movie Blindspotting. “Oakland, USA” sweatshirts are[Read more]