Kevonna Taylor

My name is Kevonna Taylor, and I’m journalist major. News and celebrities' updates are what I enjoy analyzing the most. I took two years of journalism in high school, and I am a graduate of class 2017. Now I am in college, majoring in journalism. My dream is to work hard, change lives and make a difference, not only for myself, but for my family, and my community.

Stories by Kevonna

Masks: Is it over?!

Editor’s Note: Oakland Voices alumna Kevonna Taylor shares how she feels about mask guidelines, especially now with variants. Now that California is slowly re-opening, and[Read more]

ICE Takes Away A Friend

    Imagine knowing someone all your life, or seeing them everyday at school/work. Then the next day you return, and they are gone. A[Read more]

A Food Bank Resource

It is no secret that the supply of free food in the Bay Area is limited. Especially in Oakland which has a large number of[Read more]

Deaths Due to Driving

  Death is the ultimate traumatic experience. Being in a city such as ours, we are no strangers to death, nor violence. Whether you saw[Read more]

Sister Strong Never Gave Up

Do you know anyone who is or was a teen mother? Were you a teen mother yourself? Teen pregnancy in the United States ranks higher[Read more]