Patricia Contreras Flores

Patricia Contreras-Flores Mestiza Purepecha. Michoacan Mexico born. Bay Area raised. Yebera. Healer in training. Storyteller. Writer. Grand daughter of Antonia, Maria, Salvador and Juan. Daughter of Gloria and Antonio. Loyal to the soil. We belong to the land.

Stories by Patricia

We All Belong

I am a dispatcher for Street Level Health Project for the ACILEP (Alameda County Immigration, Legal and Education Partnership) rapid response network.  I believe all[Read more]

Return of the land

Me a costado escribir estas palabras. Contar este cuento. Como capturar y darle su justo honor a esta tierra. En medio de todo lo que[Read more]

Gloria la unica

“Sigue empujando Chava!” Keep pushing, she yells at her cousin, Chava. Having snuck into the neighbor’s yard, they had taken two juicy watermelons by rolling[Read more]