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A group of African American band members, including two women wearing white dresses.

“Ghetto Gospel” EP Release on 4/20 at Oakstop Will be Vibe Muzik’s Debut 

Transforming and evolving musically in times of strife has become a soothing balm for Mandala Msanii (Baylis), leading to the creation of Vibe Muzik’s new EP, Ghetto Gospel. When Oakland Voices first featured Msanii (as[Read more]
An African American woman wearing all white and a white hair wrap rolls dice towards camera. In the background is Oakland's cranes and shipyards.

Oakland Voices Alumna Ayodele Nzinga Featured in ‘The New Yorker’ Film “The Game God(S)”

Our Oakland Voices alumna, and Oakland’s very own first Poet Laureate Ayodele Nzinga, is featured in a new film released this week at The New Yorker. The 17-minute film is called The Game God(S) and[Read more]
Five African Americans stand and smile for camera.

Thanksgiving came early for unhoused East Oaklanders Thanks to Feed the Hood 19

Thanksgiving came early for unhoused East Oaklanders at more than 75 encampments with Feed the Hood 19 last weekend. More than 100 volunteers were involved with this effort as meals and personal care kits were[Read more]
A Guatemalan American woman wears headphones with mic in front of her; "Chapter510" logo on the right

Oakland Voices Alumni Update: Marabet Morales Sikahall Joins Chapter 510

Our Oakland Voices alumna Marabet Morales Sikahall (Oakland Voices 2016) recently joined Chapter 510 & the Dept. of Make Believe, a youth writing center in Oakland with a mission to help every young person in[Read more]