Sandra Tavel

Sandra Tavel lives and works in East Oakland. Emigrating from La Paz, Bolivia and growing up in suburban Denver shaped her desire to put roots down in a place that is diverse, politically progressive and rich in social justice oriented history.  This journey brought her to Oakland, which gets a disturbing and bizarre rap on much of the media that exists today. She’s looking to move the needle to create different narratives that reflect the complexity and nuances that make Oakland what it is. She has been an avid writer and voracious reader her whole life.  When she’s not working, reading or writing, you can find her at yoga class, hiking the Redwood Regional Park System or playing on the beach with her partner and two dogs.

Stories by Sandra

Oakland’s May Day Procession

Monday, May 1, 2017. May Day procession through the Fruitvale District on International Blvd at 29th Ave.  Words matter and I’d like to see these[Read more]

Oakland Estuary’s Tidal Canal

The atmosphere holds East Oakland close with an overcast sky.  The maritime air has a chill to it.  The wind and the noise of the[Read more]

Finding Ease

“No struggle.  No strain.  Be happy,” the clipped yet gentle voice of my yoga teacher rings in my ears as I make my best attempt[Read more]

No Judgment

It was 2004 in San Francisco’s Mission District. I was at the Lexington Club with my friends standing at the juke box. An attractive, tattooed,[Read more]

Jingletown: the Jewel of East Oakland

Jingletown is a small neighborhood in East Oakland adjacent to Alameda, next to the 880 Highway near the Fruitvale BART station. Local lore tells us[Read more]

Rattled on Election Night

Oakland Voices has a tradition of having a pizza party before heading out to collect stories on election night. My stomach jumped around and though[Read more]