Angela Scott

I grew up on the border of San Leandro in Sobrante Park, deep East Oakland. I am a student at Laney College but I am in the process of transferring to Mills College, the all women’s university in Oakland. There, I will be majoring in Ethnic Studies with a minor in Women’s Leadership. At Laney, my major was English. I am an avid reader and lover of all things poetic. I enjoy music of all kinds, art, great food and spirits, traveling across the country and abroad and having unique experiences and sharing them with anyone willing to listen. This project sparked my interest because the city of Oakland is so misunderstood. Oakland is a large and diverse city and because of the racial and economic makeup, I believe that it is easy for people to prejudge it.

Stories by Angela

Where do we go from here?

I was motioned into the sanctuary by a large, smiling man in a dark blue suit with one hand, as he held the door open[Read more]

What Do I Need From Walmart?

Whether going North or South on the I-880 near the Hegenberger exit, the large yellow and blue sign seemed to call to every consumer bone[Read more]

From troubled youth to working artists

In 2001, celebrated artist Favianna Rodriguez co-founded the EastSide Arts Alliance (EAA) and Visual Element in Oakland, CA, to train young artists in the tradition[Read more]

Heroes, Pyramids and a Colossal Head

Brooding bodies surging onto cracked streets stained with drops of ripened watermelon slices sold from a corner stand where two Mexican women chismes (gossip) after they hand[Read more]