Angela Scott

I grew up on the border of San Leandro in Sobrante Park, deep East Oakland. I am a student at Laney College but I am in the process of transferring to Mills College, the all women’s university in Oakland. There, I will be majoring in Ethnic Studies with a minor in Women’s Leadership. At Laney, my major was English. I am an avid reader and lover of all things poetic. I enjoy music of all kinds, art, great food and spirits, traveling across the country and abroad and having unique experiences and sharing them with anyone willing to listen. This project sparked my interest because the city of Oakland is so misunderstood. Oakland is a large and diverse city and because of the racial and economic makeup, I believe that it is easy for people to prejudge it.

Stories by Angela

73rd and International

The aroma of KFC, nail polish and bus exhaust contend for a space and all settle inside my nostrils. This is 73rd and International Blvd.[Read more]

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

  I have come to realize living in East Oakland for the better part of 20 years, that to reside in a community of color[Read more]