Yaelisa and Caminos Flamencos

Yaelisa performs, courtesy of the Caminos Flamencos website
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Yaelisa in action

Yaelisa, Artistic Director for Caminos Flamencos, is considered a master instructor in the art of Flamenco. Yaelisa teaches Flamenco workshops and classes all over the Bay Area. She teaches in Oakland, Berkeley, SF and beyond. She won an Emmy Award for her choreography and contributions to the 1993 PBS Program “Desde Cadiz a Sevilla.” She continues to teach, train and develop dancers for her company Caminos Flamencos, and she brings a lot of talent and inspiration to our community.

The mission of Caminos Flamencos “is to enrich and educate the community by presenting innovative contemporary and traditional works which reflect the “nuevo flamenco” movement in Spain today.” Yaelisa welcomes students of all levels, and she is one of the great experts of Flamenco here in the Bay Area, and East Oakland. She and Caminos Flamencos will be an excellent addition to the KALW Sights and Sounds Project. Yaelisa and Caminos Flamencos would be amazing in the live Sights and Sounds show next spring.

Yaelisa performs, courtesy of the Caminos Flamencos website
Yaelisa performs, courtesy of the Caminos Flamencos website

When I spoke to her about the show I said “I really hope KALW accepts my pitch on Caminos Flamencos, and she said “How could they not”. I love her response, and I think it is a great example of this woman’s fire, and passion for her art form Flamenco. And guess what, KALW did accept it. Here’s a working outline.


Yaelisa, Artistic Director for Caminos Flamencos – caminosflamencos.com
Students and Dancers at Caminos Flamencos, and in her workshops/ classes

Sound and Interview Elements:

Interview with Yaelisa
Sound Bites of her singing. She sings throughout her classes
Interviews with her students/ dancers
Sound Bites of the Flamenco steps. Flamenco dancers are the percussionists in Flamenco
Sound Bites of Caminos Flamencos Music Director Jason McGuire “El Rubio”

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  1. Awe thanks Angela!!!!! I am excited to see her perform as well, and I am also looking forward to hearing your piece for KALW!! She does have an upcoming show Yo. Soy. Flamenca. on 2/20/2016 at 3pm and 6pm, 2/21/2016 at 6pm at the Cowell Theater in SF. Tickets are available at http://fortmason.org/event/yo-soy-flamenca/ .

  2. Ooh she look bad! I would love to see her perform in public. Can’t wait to hear your piece on KALW

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