Carlos Gonzalez

I'm as Oakland-ish as can be. From an early childhood, I remember a fun and carefree life and lots of sunshine and laughter. I remember my father, for example, stowing his swim gear in a light blue denim bag secured with white nylon cords and a charcoal seahorse emblazoned on the light blue pouch. We would then all climb into the station wagon, including our little mutt dog named Pucci, and drive to Alameda beach.

Stories by Carlos

A close call

  The dude drew a weapon (hand gun) and made the ugliest grimace that one could imagine.¬† And then he hollered, “Gimme yo sh*t!!” It[Read more]

Oakland Holidays

In Oakland, California, I recall the early years of going with my father to choose a pine tree from the sales lot across the street[Read more]

La Estrellita – The Third Generation

I interviewed Andrea Contreras, granddaughter of Isabela Macias, the matriarch and founder of the La Estrellita Cafe and Bar. Contreras described when it all first[Read more]