PHOTOS: Health of the Hood – Cleveland Heights

By Sabirah Mustafa

If healthy is as healthy does, then the residents of Cleveland Heights just might live forever. Aside from the abundance of joggers, and the dogs walking their owners, there are free and accessible recreational activities to enjoy until your healthy heart is content.

You can lease a canoe and row Lake Merritt, get on the public tennis courts, or walk or run The Stairs – the unofficial name of Cleveland Cascade’s seemingly endless stairway – to keep those BPMs high.

No neighborhood in Oakland would be complete unless it had it’s very own farmers market. Cleveland Heights boasts a premier farmer’s market with fresh produce, tasty hot meals on wheels and live music.

Yet, to keep Lake Merritt glistening like a jewel, someone must do the dirty work.

Fortunately, you’ll find volunteers, some who are affiliated with organizations, that happily give their time and energy to pick up trash and debris that tend to accumulate around the edges of the lake.

The neighborhood also boasts plenty of diversity, particularly around the recreational areas, where many individuals from other communities congregate.

There, like-minded healthy individuals from across the entire age, ethnic and social spectrum of Oakland’s communities can break bread or just take a break.

As diverse as this community is, one thing so many people seem to share is a passion for living healthy.



Author Profile

Sabirah Mustafa is a community liaison and cultural enthusiast. “My aim in life is to facilitate, inform, and educate others,” Sabirah says, “about what is happening in our community and society at large in order to share our stories, bridge our differences, and create a more welcoming world.”

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