PHOTOS: Health of the Hood – Cleveland Heights

By Sabirah Mustafa

Cleveland Heights has a lot of natural beauty, but requires diligent maintenance. Otherwise, leaves back up storm drains, and tree branches block out street lights and sidewalks.

Blight and vandalism, while not extensive throughout the neighborhood, appear in pockets around the commercial areas.  The residential areas are generally well-maintained.


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  1. Your images are great and message is right on the money!
    I would like to request permission to use an image “Blocked storm drains create their own unique “lake”. Photo by Sabirah Mustafa, Oakland Voices 2012”
    It is for an educational post on our office face book account.
    Thank you for your consideration. I will give photo credit.
    Dean Moore, Sr. District Technician
    Warren County Soil and Water Conservation District

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