Sabirah Mustafa

Sabirah Mustafa is a community liaison and cultural enthusiast. “My aim in life is to facilitate, inform, and educate others,” Sabirah says, “about what is happening in our community and society at large in order to share our stories, bridge our differences, and create a more welcoming world.”

Stories by Sabirah

My Magic Pill

This piece was done in collaboration with the What’s Your Story? Project of KQED’s California Report. By Sabirah Mustafa I used to wish for a[Read more]

The Vegas Effect

By Sabirah Mustafa What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. It’s an ad slogan with some truth to it. People take the phrase seriously, shunning[Read more]


Recovery by Sabirah Mustafa   Tell me What is recovery? Is it what you recover from? Like the opposite of subtraction that uncovers a sum?[Read more]