by Sabirah Mustafa


Tell me

What is recovery?

Is it what you recover from?

Like the opposite of subtraction that uncovers a sum?


Is it what you recover to?

Like a transparent explanation previously misconstrued?

Is it a chance that’s always given?

With motives never hidden?

The Discovery?


What is recovery?

Does it forge clear paths through trash?

Yet lead paths through blinders, glitter, and flash?

Does it mean all bets are off?

Old and new meds can be scoffed?

Does it increase options?

Expand cautions for better outcomes?

Will it save one from happenstance?

Or even,

Find love at first glance?

Will it allow the blind to see?

Give a broken man back his chi?

Turn a soup kitchen into a feast?

Or, bring home soldiers, at least?

For the weary…


What is recovery?

Could it face a new day with endless possibilites?

Or just stare at a wall and just BE?

Could it fly a magic kite and bring down the rain?

Or hold back tears, if it chose to refrain?

Would it deem the importance of dreams?

By any means?

I want to be free…so tell me,

Will recovery

RE cover me?


Author Profile

Sabirah Mustafa is a community liaison and cultural enthusiast. “My aim in life is to facilitate, inform, and educate others,” Sabirah says, “about what is happening in our community and society at large in order to share our stories, bridge our differences, and create a more welcoming world.”

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