2012 East Oakland Project Blogs

Reactions: Cop-on-Black vs. Black-on-Black

It seems that if you’re not killed by a cop, you’re a just a garden variety homicide victim. People don’t get too upset. You might get an impromptu curbside memorial. The local TV news might mention the killing in passing. And then, the victim of the day will be forgotten until the next man, woman, or child gets shot and killed. People seem to get up in arms only if a cop does the killing, à la Oscar Grant or Alan Blueford. If it’s black on black, it’s business as usual. But if it’s cop on black – oh, damn, it’s on! […]

2012 East Oakland Project Blogs

Restitution & Reparations

Bishop Williams says his movement is asking for “$21 billion per year from Congress each year from now on to build and rebuild for us homes, businesses, schools and all the things we need throughout the community.” That is a tall order! […]

2012 East Oakland Project Blogs

VIDEO: Raid on Occupy Oakland – One Year Later

Protesters, spectators, passers-by, and police gathered at Oakland’s city hall plaza on October 25, 2012, marking the one-year anniversary of the day the police tore down Occupy Oakland’s tent camp encampment at the plaza. West Oakland resident Janay Smith, 20, talks about the anniversary event and the relevance, and the irrelevance, of the Occupy movement. […]

2012 East Oakland Project Blogs

Heart and Soul – ‘Ladies Rock Da Mic’ Brings Harmony to Oakland

For two soul-filled hours, the audience is treated to the raw talent that each and ever singer possesses. Each act brings to the stage their passion for helping others and for singing. The energy is infectious as the singers lead the near capacity crowd in rock, R&B, and jazz songs. With their voices, the singers unify the audience in song, and in the spirit of giving. […]

2012 East Oakland Project Blogs

‘Negroes With Guns:’ My Black Panther Reeducation

Today, mainstream media depicts a Panther demise into pimping, drug-dealing and gangbanging, but that history is questioned and should not remain as the Party’s legacy. In 1968, the police were the soldiers of a racist system and acted with impunity. The Panthers offered black communities much-needed protection, and through good works like teaching and feeding children, empowered and mobilized people to stand up against racial violence and rampant police brutality. […]

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2012 East Oakland Project Blogs

Fall 2007: Lam Writes About His Crime

The essay described an evening in May or June of that year, in which he was riding around Oakland in a car with some other teenage boys he claimed not to know very well. At some point during long the way, they gave Lam a gun, and the boys together attempted to rob a corner store.