2012 East Oakland Project Blogs

Restitution & Reparations

Bishop Williams says his movement is asking for “$21 billion per year from Congress each year from now on to build and rebuild for us homes, businesses, schools and all the things we need throughout the community.” That is a tall order! […]

2012 East Oakland Project Blogs

Polite Policing

By Michael Holland East Oakland’s Lockwood Gardens – also known as 65th Village – has undergone a metamorphosis. The landscape seems suddenly well kept.  The maintenance crews ride golf carts from building to building. From […]

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2012 East Oakland Project Blogs

Health of the Hood: Lockwood

By Michael Holland – The overall health of the area in my opinion is poor. From diesel fumes, loud music, questionable people hanging out on corners, closed businesses, and a wealth of discounted cigarettes, the hope lies only in the fact that people going to work during the week will attract services in the future. […]