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Young Storytellers Fan Out to Collect Oakland’s Oral Histories

By Debora Gordon Story Bridges has been joining people across different values, generations, races, and organizations since April 2011. “We take bridging very seriously,” says founder Angela Zusman. “We’re always looking for collaborative partners to build[Read more]

‘Want to spend the rest of your life in prison?’: A Judge’s Advice & Some Murky Testimony

“You’re only 19 or so," Lam's judge said to him at the hearing. "I’m sure it’s difficult to conceive or imagine that many years in custody. But I think that leads some people to go[Read more]

From Newtown to My Town

By Sheila Blandon I first heard about the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary through online media. I saw all the attention it got by the media and social networks. As soon as I saw news of[Read more]