VIDEO: Raid on Occupy Oakland – One Year Later

Protesters, spectators, passers-by, and police gathered at Oakland’s city hall plaza on October 25, 2012, marking the one-year anniversary of  the day the police tore down Occupy Oakland’s tent camp encampment at the plaza.  West Oakland resident Janay Smith, 20, talks about the anniversary event and the relevance, and the irrelevance, of the Occupy movement.

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  1. 12/2/12 “Garden Variety”, Excellent long overdue description of black complacenty. Elevate the topic by an article explaining “why” the complacency. There is no potentially stronger segment of the Oakland communityy who by there inaction portrays itself as the weakest. Where is there family values, pride, and other basic instincts?

    The eradication of blacks killing blacks (or any other color) calls for moe than lip service leadership. Perhaps the blacks should operate on the assumption that any black person murdered was the doings of a white cop – something has to ignite the corrective pashion and appropriate subsequent action.

    May this be the seed for “Garden Variety” community cooperative.

    Forge on with the subject, Ronald!

    Ps: I’m going to use your article as the basis for a speech presentation to Toastmasters International.

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