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Eastmont Town Center

By Janice Davis It is the early afternoon of June 27, 2014 when I decide to visit the Eastmont Town Center on 73rd Ave and[Read more]

From Newtown to My Town

By Sheila Blandon I first heard about the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary through online media. I saw all the attention it got by the media[Read more]

“Take It or Leave It”

When Chinese parents come to the US, they often sacrifice themselves for their children. Often, they can't take the time to sit and study English[Read more]

The Hustle: Homemade Jewelry, Just to Get By

By Sheila Blandon Ivet Castro is a 20-year old immigrant Mexican woman living in Oakland with hopes to improve her living circumstances and help her[Read more]

VIDEO: Raid on Occupy Oakland – One Year Later

Protesters, spectators, passers-by, and police gathered at Oakland's city hall plaza on October 25, 2012, marking the one-year anniversary of the day the police tore[Read more]

Fall 2007: Lam Writes About His Crime

The essay described an evening in May or June of that year, in which he was riding around Oakland in a car with some other[Read more]