What are Oakland’s Ballot Measures in the 2020 elections?

Oakland Voices and The Oaklandside co-reported and produced video explainers about Oakland’s four 2020 ballot measures:

Measure Y: a $735 million bond to upgrade and repair Oakland schools

Measure QQ: Lowering the voting age for school board races

Measure RR: Removing the fine limit for illegal dumping and blight

Measure S1: Should Oakland have a stronger Police Commission?

The Oaklandside reporters: Ashley McBride, Azucena Rasilla, Ricky Rodas, Natalie Orenstein

Oakland Voices correspondents: Tony Daquipa, Iris Crawford, Katharine Davies Samway, Saa’un Bell, Howard Dyckoff

Videos shot and edited by Lauren Richardson of ByPassTV and produced by Jacob Simas and Momo Chang.


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