Saleem Gilmore

I am an Oakland native who grew up in the early 1970's. My parents moved the family to Texas in the 1980's to get my brother and me away from the violence of the neighborhood. I returned in the early 1990's for good. I became a classroom teacher and found my niche working with African American boys. I later began working in community based organizations. For over 25 years, I have worked in the Bay Area. My interest in media grew out of my attempts to keep up with my students and their new forms of communication. I am ready to take my experience to the next level through training, peer exchange and doing.

Stories by Saleem

Who’s Policing the Police?

After agreeing to a Negotiated Settlement Agreement (NSA) in response to a lawsuit for police misconduct 12 years ago, the city of Oakland has paid[Read more]

Gun violence: Stay ready

  If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready. I was born to a teenage mother who learned how to be a woman[Read more]

Oakland Rising

In 2006, Jerry Brown was Mayor of Oakland, Arnold Schwarzenegger was Governor of California, and grassroots politics in Oakland was losing its voice. Local communities[Read more]

The Hills

Growing up in “Deep East” Oakland, we always heard about “the Hills” and how “they lived in the Hills and we lived in the Flats.”[Read more]

A five-foot tall Warrior

Like many, my family migrated from Louisiana to Oakland in 1954. My mother, Linda Wilson, was 10-months-old and the baby of the family, as my[Read more]