Cascos Martial Arts Academy – A Photo Essay

Sifu Bill Owens with studen

Sifu Bill Owens with student. Photo: Cinque Mubarak

Owens' students practice kicks

Owens’ students practice kicks. Photo: Cinque Mubarak




Owens looking at photos

Owens with two generations of students looking at photos. Photo: Cinque Mubarak


Hands of Sifu Bill Owens

Skillful hands of Sifu Bill Owens. Photo: Cinque Mubarak



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  1. bj propp

    Si Fi and Si Mo,

    I’ve been calling the school but no reply and no answering machine. I just recently thought of looking on the internet. I hope all is well with you guys. Call me if you get a chance.

    Mom is on Hospice.

    Sincerely, bj propp

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