Cinque Mubarak grew up in Oakland CA. He attends Berkeley City College and is looking to transfer to a four-year school. During his spare time, he explores human emotion and interaction through street photography. He looks to influence self love through photo journalism and marketing. If he's not taking photos, you can find him listening to Jimi Hendrix, roaming the streets of Oakland on his skateboard.

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“I found them!! The anticipation was killing me. ” My father’s eyes were wide with excitement like I had never seen before. It was a[Read more]

Full circle

On a brisk Monday night, we roamed through the streets of Oakland in search of supplies to finish up a project for The Naming Gallery.[Read more]

The Bridge

There’s a busy street between Dimond District and Laurel. I guess you could call it a bridge between the two districts. If you just sit[Read more]