Santa, where you might not expect him

Santa is everywhere on Christmas day. You can find him at your local grocery store, bus stop, at your favorite restaurant and just about anywhere were he has to go to create smiles in children and their families.

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Santa visits children at BAART

Santa makes appearances even at the least expected places. Every Christmas, Santa visits Bay Area Addiction Research and Treatment (BAART)  so the patients’ children can sit on his lap and tell him about their wishes.

BAART is an addiction research and treatment clinic found in several locations in America that started in San Francisco in 1977. BAART, aka “methadone clinic,” provides opioid treatment, behavioral health services and primary health care. BAART is one of the many places in Oakland that is open to help individuals who have drug dependency problems.

Santa was at BAART for about four hours on Christmas day, waiting for kids to show up to put a smile on their face and spread the Christmas spirit with in the clinic.

DSC_0228Before Santa’s arrival, staff members  prepared lunch for all their patients. This year, BAART made enough sandwiches to hand out to every single patient as a Christmas present. A sandwich, two tangerines, chocolates and other candies are found inside every paper bag. A humble gift with good intentions to make the patients’ day better.

The Christmas scenario inside the clinic was relaxing and welcoming for the patients who came in. Colorful lights, gift-wrapped boxes, candy, chocolates, Santa hats worn by the staff and of course a Christmas tree, brightened  the clinic.

BAART staff members

BAART shows that the people in Oakland care about each other. Even though the services provided are not free, BAART tries to create affordable rates for everyone. BAART is open to the public and will be for a long while.

If you or any one you think can benefit from these services, go ahead and take advantage of this place. Nothing to lose and a lot can be obtained. Places like this are usually never advertised, but we as Oakland residents should know that they exist.

The Oakland clinic is located at 1124 International Blvd. Oakland, CA 94606. Or you can give them a call and ask them any questions  you might have. The number is (510) 533-0800.

BAART staff

Happy holidays and have a great New Year!

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