Managing and Adapting to Change During the Pandemic: Kevonna Taylor

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Kevonna Taylor.

We asked our Oakland Voices alumni community members and correspondents: How has pandemic life changed your habits and your outlook? How have you navigated public spaces and health risks now that we are in a different stage of pandemic life? Below, Kevonna Taylor shares her perspective. Kevonna Taylor is an entrepreneur and writer from Oakland, CA.

As I look upon this year with hope, March will be here very soon. It will be two years of COVID and the pandemic, and may forever be a time in history. 

I am asked “How has COVID or the pandemic impacted me?” Honestly, it is beyond words and feelings, and it would take days to list. The substantial answer is, it has absolutely impacted me. It definitely was unexpected, and a life changer as long as I should live. I had life planned in 2020, for the few years to come which was expected to be happy. COVID popped up as that unexpected and unwanted family that will not leave. No matter what you say or do to get it to go away! I would love to return to my normal outdoor adventures, like the mall, carnivals, and outdoor shopping. I am still prone to be being home, and I have not attended any live big crowds nor any big, outdoor events. Just normal grocery store, and food runs for now. 

I have noticed a lot of things are different, things have changed with everything within the world. I feel things will never go back pre-COVID. We manage, and we adapt to the change. I would love to take a time machine back to 2019! Since my jetpack will not go backwards, only forwards, I will continue to deal with the changes since the pandemic like I have. I will make sure I remain safe, and wear my masks in all public settings. 

I am also asked how I feel about masks not being required in doors (if vaccinated). Honestly, I see the change already, a few public places I have visited lately. People were not wearing masks, and not being told to put one on. It was almost as if I did something wrong having mine on, because all the unmasked group of people stared me down! 

I am not anti-mask, I think it keeps me safe. At least to the point of helping the outside germs away, and a safety measure to the extent of what can be protected. I have gotten used to the fact of masks, and will continue to wear mine regardless. I will continue to look for CDC, and mask upcoming updates.

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My name is Kevonna Taylor, and I’m journalist major. News and celebrities' updates are what I enjoy analyzing the most. I took two years of journalism in high school, and I am a graduate of class 2017. Now I am in college, majoring in journalism. My dream is to work hard, change lives and make a difference, not only for myself, but for my family, and my community.

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