Masks: Is it over?!

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Editor’s Note: Oakland Voices alumna Kevonna Taylor shares how she feels about mask guidelines, especially now with variants. Now that California is slowly re-opening, and masks can come off for those who are vaccinated in many places, Taylor shares how she feels.

Whew. What a year, I am sure we can say. It was definitely life-changing—some good, some bad. I am sure like for most, the masks at first definitely was different, and a bit frustrating at first. I definitely would be hot, sweating or could not breathe 90% in them. Or the 10% time when I get all the way to go in the store, and have to do the quick jog to get mask I left out the car.  

Surprisingly, I must say, after a year, it became more of my everyday life. As things go back to normal, and the lifts of masks are optional, I find myself being contradicting if I am going to be comfortable taking off my mask—as well as seeing other people not wearing masks or going in public so comfortable. I have definitely gotten used to the fact of other having masks.

So now that the lift is here, I am not sure how comfortable I would be moving forward. But I am definitely going to wear my masks in public places. It has definitely became part of my everyday wardrobe. Maybe next year, I will slowly begin to come out the mask. Till then MASK UP, STAY SAFE! 

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My name is Kevonna Taylor, and I’m journalist major. News and celebrities' updates are what I enjoy analyzing the most. I took two years of journalism in high school, and I am a graduate of class 2017. Now I am in college, majoring in journalism. My dream is to work hard, change lives and make a difference, not only for myself, but for my family, and my community.

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