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It is no secret that the supply of free food in the Bay Area is limited. Especially in Oakland which has a large number of homeless people as well as many families who receive government assistance or food stamps.

A lot of people do not get government assistance or are too proud to ask for help. Which is an understandable thing. It is not always easy to be open when you’re struggling.

Helping at the food bank, courtesy California Association of Food Banks website

Luckily, there are places like food banks where you can get food free of charge for your family. One organization that is very reliable is called “California ASSOCIATION OF FOOD BANKS.” They have over 40 locations and pride themselves on supplying fresh nutrition. They provide fresh fruit and vegetables for the community through food banks and charities.

Food banks play a critical role in California’s food safety net, reaching over 5 million people in need, including children, seniors, the working poor, the disabled, homeless and veterans.  The association’s headquarters is in Oakland at 1624 Franklin St, Oakland, CA 94612.

They work with growers, and farmers to get fresh produce. Their main goal is to fight and stop hunger in the community. They also have statewide programs for food stamp outreach and enrollment, and nutrition education.

Curious about what CAFB can offer your food bank? Reach out to Terry Garner, member services director, at terry@cafoodbanks.org or 510-350-9911.

Link to WEBSITE: California Association of Food Banks


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