2017-2018 Project Blogs

2017 Correspondents

The new group of Oakland Voices Correspondents will begin telling the stories of their neighborhoods in one week. They are They are a diverse group with varied backgrounds and experiences with one thing in common […]

2016 Project Blogs

Oakland Voices Reacts

The Oakland Voices correspondents covered local elections last week, writing about the successful campaigns for expanded protections for renters, a soda tax, a civilian police commission and the not- as- successful, but strongly community-based, campaigns […]

2015 Project Blogs

Oakland Voices reflect on guns

Following President Barack Obama’s executive order addressing gun violence and regulations, the Oakland Voices correspondents wrote about their experiences with guns and their thoughts about government efforts to curb gun violence. Probably reflecting much of […]

Life in East Oakland

Where We Live

The Oakland Voices correspondents went out into their neighborhoods to survey what was there and what wasn’t — grocery stores, liquor stores, churches, parks. They came back with some insightful observations about community and belonging […]

oakland voices 2015 team
2015 Project Blogs

Family Resilience

[slideshow_deploy id=’8676′]We asked the new Oakland Voices correspondents to write about a family member and resilience. They came back with inspiring stories about siblings raised in foster care, a teen mom who refused to give […]