Bill Joyce

Bill Joyce is a retired Berkeley teacher and 2016 alumnus of Oakland Voices.

Stories by Bill

Confessions of a Maskhole

I learned there’s now a term to describe people like me who are undisciplined mask wearers — maskholes. You know the type: we slop them[Read more]

Dishing Up a Kinfolks Thanksgiving

The Kinfolks Motorcycle Club’s annual Thanksgiving dinner at Palo Vista Gardens is still an hour away but the dinner guests are already gathering. Joanne Berstine,[Read more]

Sometimes it takes a tragedy

[slideshow_deploy id=’11545′] As the unsettling sifting of the ashes of the Ghost Ship fire drew to a close Wednesday, three blocks away at St. Elizabeth[Read more]

What Would You Do?

(On the 2nd weekend in October, labor activists, military veterans, musicians, artists, and people of faith from across the US converged on both sides of[Read more]