Fret Nothing, Eastmont Town Center Has You Covered

Social Services Dept at Eastmont TC

Eastmont Town Center, located on 73rd and Bancroft, is a hub for all one’s needs or, at least a big stepping stone.  Firstly, on the first floor you will find the Self-Sufficiency Center, known as the social services agency, that’s federally-funded; visited when a person is in need of cash, food, and/or medical insurance.  The application process requires at least two visits, and individuals will have an abundance of paperwork to complete, requiring documentation and follow-up interviews.  The process can be shortened by applying online, and if coming to the office will be a hardship, a phone interview can be arranged. You may also submit information by email or fax.  In addition, the social services department has two clothing closets of free clothing, one for job interviews, and one with general clothing.

Social Services Dept at Eastmont TC

The County of Alameda’s federally-run WIC Program (Women, Infant and Children), has an office on the second floor. The program “serves to safeguard the health of low-income pregnant, postpartum, and breastfeeding women; infants, and children up to age five who are at nutritional risk by providing supplemental foods such as milk, cheese, eggs, healthy cereal, and formula,” according to the website. They provide vouchers that may be used at PrimeTime Nutrition – a store designed in 1994 specifically for this purpose, supermarkets and drug stores such as Gazzali’s and CVS that all have sites at the center.  “Clients get nutrition advice, help with breastfeeding,” and parenting classes too.   

WIC office at Eastmont TC

For those who have worked but can no longer due to a disability or retirement, there is the social security office on the second floor as well.  The process for applying is similar to the process for the Self Sufficiency Center and WIC and trips to outside agencies may be necessary.  

Social Security Office at Eastmont TC

For jobseekers, the social services department has two neighborhood career centers on the first floor. The department contracts with LAO, a local non-profit organization, to handle job search training for their clients.  The center for Calworks participants is in Suite 135; the one for everyone else is in Suite 140. It is shared with Private Industry Council (PIC), a regional nonprofit that handles employment services including the U.S. Department of Labor’s Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)  program, described as “comprehensive job training, placement and/or training services,” on the PIC website.

Another not-for-profit agency, Sparkpoint Centers, in Suite 124, may assist with job searches as well —  creating resumes and email accounts, offering leads  and use of their computers, phones, copiers and fax machines.  They also assist with creating budgets, housing and occupational training resources, and free tax preparation during that season.

Sparkpoint Centers at Eastmont TC

The city library, on the second floor, is an additional source for job searches, with an Instagram page, Oaklandhasjobs, that lists job opportunities.  Like any library, visitors may use the newspapers, magazines, trade journals, and apply to check out books, CDs and DVDs.  They have a large children’s area, two rooms in the back.

Oakland Library at Eastmont TC

On the second floor and with entrances off MacArther Boulevard, is the Wellness Center, mostly run by the Alameda Health System. It  includes Health Education in  Suite 100; Patient Education Support, Suite 120; Administration, Suite  200; RAI of the Germany-owned Fresenius network, operates the dialysis center in Suite 220; Adult Medicine, 350; Women’s Clinic , 400; Radiology/Optometry Services, 450; Business Center, 500; Pediatrics, 700; Dental Services, 600.

 Adult Medicine includes General Medicine, Chest Clinic, Coumadin Clinic, Hypertension Clinic, and Senior Clinic. The eye clinic is run by Berkeley School of OptometryQuest Diagnostics  is in Suite 230 (it moved from Suite 268),  providing “a variety of lab (drug and wellness) testing nationally to healthcare professionals, individuals, employers, and government agencies.”

Wellness Center at Eastmont TC

The County of Alameda/Health Care Services Agency/Public Health Department offers several programs and services on the second floor, including  Public Health Nursing (the comprehensive assessment/reassessment of individuals to determine the need, refer to or provide information for medical, educational, social or other services {delivered in person and by phone}), Asthma Start Program (free; works to control child’s asthma by in-home case management) and the Diabetes Program (must be referred pre-diabetes and Type 2 diabetes patients), and the WIC Program mentioned above.

North County Crisis Response Program/Oakland Adult Services/Supplemental Rate (SRP) c./ P.A.T.H. alongside Lifelong Medical Center provides medical and mental services in Suite 125A.  Alameda Children’s Specialized, the County of Alameda Behavorial Healthcare Services, is next door, working with those with “serious mental health, alcohol or drug concerns.” With entrances outside of the mall, Telecare Changes, is a national mental health recovery company and The East Oakland Recovery Center offers extended hours for substance abuse services.  

The Alameda County Social Services Dept of Adult & Aging Services, handles conservatorships/administrators, advisory, protective, in home supportive caregiver/IHSS, veterans, AAA, and ombudsperson service(s) has moved from the 3rd floor to a separate office on the 1st floor.  On the second floor there’s a senior day center, Golden Age Seniors, that’s usually occupied with seniors seeking companionship and activity.

Adult and Aging Dept at Eastmont TC








As you can see, your problems related to food, money, clothing, medical/dental/mental health or assistance with your aging family members are practically over.

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