PHOTOS: Health of the Hood – Maxwell Park

Cigarettes can sometimes be seen being smoked by residents in the neighborhood. Creating a health hazard to themselves.

Story & Photos By Katrina Davis

The things that make Maxwell Park unhealthy are few and far between, but there nonetheless. Recently a store promoting lower prices replaced a grocery store on MacArthur. Even though the prices are better, the quality of the food has also gone down.Sometimes if you aren’t careful you can pick up a batch of moldy strawberries, or in my case a slab of moldy cheese.

There’s also debris that can be found sometimes. It can range from small pieces of trash, or big things like mattresses, TV sets, dressers and other cast offs that people have decided they no longer want in their homes. The big debris can sometimes block the street and create a hazard for people walking around.

In nearby neighborhoods there are a few bars where every so often you can see people fighting out front. And there are fast food restaurants that serve unhealthy food.

 Another issue that my neighborhood has are stray animals. There are a lot of feral cats, and sometimes the more intimidating stray dogs walking unattended through the neighborhood. Unfortunately, with stray animals comes animal waste on the sidewalks and sometimes in yards.

In my neighborhood, and nearby neighborhoods, there are many things that you can find that keep it healthy. One of my favorite things about my neighborhood is that we continue to implement modern practices that help to keep the neighborhood thriving and up to date, while at the same time still practicing the old school methods of being a close knit community through different events throughout the year. Events like street festivals and community art shows.

A big thing I’ve noticed is the installment of bike routes and how more and more people are utilizing them. Which in turn helps people exercise and cuts air pollution.

We also have various mom and pop markets selling fresh fruits and vegetables, construction workers that continue to make much needed improvements to our streets, and a Yahoo! Group that keeps neighbors updated on things happening in the  in the area. It’s practically a cyber neighborhood watch. The group is also a space for people to share their opinions on  different things going on in Oakland.

There are the different types of gyms throughout the street. Having all these things in the same community helps to keep things close knit and continue to make the neighborhood a healthier place to live.










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