What Is Fast Food, Anyway?

Sunday, October 10

I’m only ten days into this, and so far, my mission to live without fast food has not been completely unbearable. I’ve had my moments of weakness, but I haven’t put a drop of Burger King, McDonald’s or any other place’s food to my lips.

Through this process, I’m teaching myself the true purpose of food: nourishment to the body, not delight of the taste buds.

People say that you can eat food that is both healthy and tasty, but I’m not so sure about that.

It is difficult to adapt to healthy eating with limited time and funds. Often I find myself trying to figure out how can I satisfy my hunger when I don’t buy groceries regularly because I’m always on the go, and I don’t have much money.

I went into 7-Eleven one day after work. I was hungry and I hadn’t been to the grocery store. Is the food 7-Eleven sells considered fast food? I tried to purchase healthy: a turkey & cheese six inch sub, and a bag of salt and vinegar chips. I also got a can of Arizona Mucho Mango. The painting of several plump mangoes on the can convinced me this was juice, and juice is good for me, right (I didn’t read the label revealing only 5% juice and 26 grams of sugar – mostly from high fructose corn syrup – inside)?

Okay, maybe that doesn’t sound exactly healthy, but I also needed my taste buds to be satisfied.

Where’s the balance?

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  1. Thanks for the advice, Miss you as well! Thanks for sharing your wisdom. The flesh is weak, so I have some things to work out. Really, that was great advice

  2. 2 suggestions for you. Try Souley Vegan at 3rd and Broadway in Oakland. Phenomenal vegan soul food. Get the “Toasty Crispy BBQ” – its a “burger” but its not fast food. Its gonna be more satisfying than you imagine. 2nd suggestion, as you try new foods, try eating more slowly. Not that you are going vegetarian, but one interesting thing about it is – animal foods taste good at first but the taste deteriorates the longer you chew. It gets blander and blander … Be like the monks! Take a bite of plain brown rice and notice the more you chew the more flavorful it becomes! Sounds crazy but its a good measure of healthfulness. If you are just gulping and going, you are less conscious of what it is you are actually eating. Try to keep little snacks in your bag – the hungrier you, the more you’ll want to succumb to your old favorites. This is a great time to try new things! There are quick, handy delights of every culture – and they aren’t so bad for you as fast food! Go to your local sushi shop and ask for “Inari” – its just a little sweet pocket of rice but its hella good…. miss you all.

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