2010 West Oakland Project Blogs

Orange cones line the way in a parking lot at the Oakland Coliseum, where military dressed people point the way. A big blue tent that says "Governor's Office of Emergency Services" is set up.

Coliseum vaccination site closing in April

Oakland has 25,870 COVID-19 cases. Alameda County has had 82,243 cases and 1,399 deaths.  Vaccine updates in Oakland To date, 808,611 vaccine doses have been administered, including 508,109 first doses and 309,878 full vaccinated. In[Read more]

The Last Day

DIARY OF A FIEND: A FAST-FOOD JUNKIE KICKS THE HABIT By Dawneka Akins This entry is part of my 31-day journey giving up some of the unhealthy eating habits I’ve had for most of my[Read more]