Randy Filio

After High School I bought my own 35 mm camera, some lenses for it and I started taking pictures of random things trying to find a style for my photography. Most of my photos were close ups of abstract objects, dead/dried animals and plants, rusted metal, unusual shapes of items, double exposure photographs and anything that got my attention. I started putting a portfolio together with my best prints and continued to photograph. I like to slightly distort the way things really look and alter the colors and/or lights around my subjects to create some type of life or action within my photographs.

Stories by Randy

The Oakland Change

  I have been coming back and forward to Oakland for the past five years. Oakland was the place that really caught my attention more[Read more]

Punk Rock Oakland Style

Punk Rock started in the U.K. in the late 70’s and is still recognized today for the wild looks and strong attitudes; it is still[Read more]

My Neighborhood

[slideshow_deploy id=’8918′]I have lived in this neighborhood for about six months now. As soon as I moved to the Bay Area from Santa Ana, I[Read more]