Hannah Moore

Hannah Moore is a Bay Area native ,born in Oakland California, and as a result the ‘Bay’ has very much influenced her politics, consciousness and work. She considers herself a healer, although in the early stages of learning her craft. She recently moved back to the Bay Area from Bahia, Brazil where she has lived for the past four years. Hannah completed her Master’s in Brazil focusing on police violence, art activism and Black masculinity. Hannah currently works as a college and career coordinator at Alternatives in Action High School in East Oakland on 62nd Avenue.

Stories by Hannah

A Dream Deferred?

  Class was almost over; we were finishing up when Mario jumped out of his seat. “Awww shit,” he sighed with a look of disdain[Read more]

Beloved Oakland 2018

  It was at the moment that Yuri Kochiyama’s daughter was accepting the award for her mother, presented by Alicia Garza, co-founder of Black Lives[Read more]

Hope Dealers and Spirit Wheelers

  The East side of the O in the Wild Wild West, California’s desert and no man’s land.  This desert isn’t only craving water but[Read more]

A Dark Storm

The Academy Awards were on and she had just put me to bed. My mom flopped down onto the couch, exhausted from the few days[Read more]