Map shows East Oakland hit hardest by COVID-19

Two thirds of Oakland's COVID-19 cases are in East Oakland. (Graphic: Rasheed Shabazz for Oakland Voices/ Source: Alameda County Public Health Department)

UPDATE: View our most recent map of COVID-19 cases in Oakland.

A new map published by the Alameda County Public Health Department shows East Oakland has the highest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the Town.

Oakland has 366 of Alameda County’s 1,350 coronavirus cases in Alameda County, the highest in the County. Over two-thirds of Oakland’s COVID-19 cases are in East Oakland.

According to the data: 

  • The 94619 zip code has the highest number of COVID-19 infections in the Town, 58 cases, or 230 per 100,000 people. The area includes Allendale and Maxwell Park below 580, the Laurel, Redwood Heights, and above 13, Crestmont and much of Skyline Blvd.
  • The 94601 zip code has 56 cases, and includes Fruitvale, Jingletown, and Peralta Hacienda. The area between 23rd and 55th Avenues, mostly below Brookdale Ave, has a rate of 159 per 100,000. 
  • There are 53 cases in 94621, which includes Seminary and Havenscourt within the area between 55th and 90th Avenues below Bancroft. 
  • There are 42 cases in 94605, which includes neighborhoods around Eastmont, Havenscourt and much of the area between Bancroft Blvd to 580 from Mills College to San Leandro. 
  • In 94603, there are 38 cases. The area includes Brookfield and Sobrante Park in the area from 90th Ave to the San Leandro border, south of MacArthur Blvd. 
  • In 94611, there are 27 cases in the zip code between Broadway and Oakland Ave, which includes Piedmont. The City of Piedmont has few COVID-19 cases, so most of the 94611 cases are likely around Piedmont Ave and HarriOak neighborhoods. 
  • There are 18 cases in in 94607, the area which includes Chinatown and West Oakland below McClymonds High School.  

COVID-19 hits Oakland’s most vulnerable

The concentration of cases in the Flatlands of East Oakland confirms fears that the most vulnerable communities would be hit hardest by COVID-19 in Oakland. It appears Oakland’s communities of color will be most impacted by COVID-19. In Alameda County, 368 Latino, 214 Asian, 203 white, and 150 African Americans have tested positive for coronavirus. The race of 354 positive cases in Alameda County are “unknown.” 

It is unclear how many Oakland residents coronavirus has killed. To date, 46 Alameda County residents have died due to COVID-19, including 14 at residential nursing homes. Three people died at the Excell Health Care Center in East Oakland, 36 residents and 17 staff there tested positive for COVID-19. 

As testing increases, the number of positive cases will likely increase. 

The map is part of two new dashboards introduced by Alameda County. The first includes cases and rates over time, by gender, age, and City. The second includes the zip code map, and deaths by race/ethnicity, and hospitalizations.  

East Oakland’s first testing sites

These new dashboards launched the same night Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf announced a new walk-up COVID-19 testing site would open in East Oakland in partnership with Roots Community Health Clinic

The City of Oakland previously opened two other COVID-19 sites. Oakland’s first testing site only served city employees. The second site served essential workers registered through their employers. 

Alameda County released a list of COVID-19 testing sites (PDF). Oakland locations include:

  • City of Oakland and Brown & Toland Physicians has two sites. Site 1: Victory Court only serves first responders and health care workers
  • Site 2: Located at the Henry J. Kaiser Center and serves the general public with symptoms, first responders, uninsured people, and unhoused residents. 
  • Alameda County Public Health Lab, through the public health department, services long-term care facility residents, unhoused residents, and health care workers, but the site is not open to the public. 
  • Childrens’ Hospital sees “Pediatric patients with symptoms or underlying health conditions,” with a physician’s referral.
  • Dignity Health serves Dignity members via online appointments.
  • La Clinica Alta Vista on Fruitvale Ave serves La Clinica members by appointment.
  • Lifelong Trust Health Center on Franklin Ave serves Lifelong members and unhoused residents.
Author Profile

Rasheed Shabazz is a multimedia storyteller, urban planning historian, and youth development professional based in the Bay Area. He is co-director of Oakland Voices. He recently completed his Masters of City and Regional Planning at UC Berkeley. 


  1. Appreciate the information Rasheed. OMG, I had no idea there were so many cases in east Oakland. I will continue to wear my mask, and shelter in place.
    Thank you and God bless.

  2. Excellent article. We dont want to wear masks. RASHEED Heard you on Davey Ds show. Keep up the good work this info is saving lives..

  3. I am in 94619 and know the numbers are incorrect as most people have NOT gotten tested. Your stats show those who got tested. Testing sites are not available for many or are too far away. Those who really need testing have no idea until they need urgent care. Another thing mask/face covers are not being enforced. Too many are walking around without any cover.

  4. The Alameda County data shows that our zip code has a comparatively high number of cases: 82 which includes the 36 in the Excell Health Care Center.

  5. Thank you Rasheed for this informative article. If testing and tracing is necessary for us to get back to some resemblance of normal, the testing needs to be available for those without symptoms , especially seniors.

  6. Thank you, it is this kind of information which is helpful for decision making…keep it up.

  7. T.Y. Rasheed. I agree with this: “Where is Mayor Libby in all this. She should be giving updates on Oakland’s numbers as well as testing information. She’s on the news about closing streets but never anything about the virus in Oakland?”

  8. Sorry for some miss spelled. Words auto correct. Adds words MI didn’t want to use. Black folks need to see we are doing to. Bancroft east area people act like its normal and there is no virus.
    Mask for 7$ halla

  9. Thank you. We need this to get thanks my big brother G. Fields for getting it out on FB.
    I will say there needs to 2B more info. On virus in da hood . Why I have seen and spoke to a few people in my hood East O. Had said to me ; black people don’t catch this shiznit. I was laughed at for wearing mask n gloves. 90th n McArthur . They all said black people. Don’t catch. Covid 19. Help they black folks in Oakland. This shit is real and tell they show. Them black people. Die from this too.

  10. Just wondering about the Native American/American Indian communities? Where is any statistics or data for them?

  11. I live in 94601, have worked from home since March 11.
    I walked to post office 2 weeks ago to mail hand sewn masks to grandkids. Was shocked that so many people were out, congregating, some no masks, little distancing other than inside post office. Since masks were not yet required, I envisioned a lot of possible contamination, and a surge this week in infections.
    Yesterday I drove through Laurel to Havenscourt to 98th to drop off something off, was shocked to see so many people out, congregating in combinations most likely not living together. In Oakland lots of people out and about.

    Headed to Alameda Count Poison hazardous waste drop off, open only in Fremont, and saw very few people out and about in Fremont
    I rarely go out of neighborhood, but yesterday’s excursion makes me think East Oakland is not doing good job of covering, distancing and staying home except for essentials.

  12. Where is OAKLAND MAYOR?
    Great Job S.F. Mayor for running your City. Maybe you can offer a few pointers on this side of Bay Bridge.
    Oakland Mayor and Oakland City Council do More!! There’s to many people on E.14 (International Blvd) from 5th Ave to 98th. Enforce what’s needed so the sick can be identified, treated and housed if needed. Also, issue out PPE or alternatives like free “we are safe” Bandanas. I am a Oakland Native!

  13. Where is Mayor Libby in all this. She should be giving updates on Oakland’s numbers as well as testing information. She’s on the news about closing streets but never anything about the virus in Oakland? London Breed gives daily updates to her residents but not Libby. We need to know the numbers as well as testing information. I watch the news 3 times a day and there’s never anything from Libby. When we were placed on lockdown I never saw The Mayor making any announcements or giving us any guidance in regards to the virus. Oakland residents need to be given the correct information from our city leaders. Thank you Rasheed this info truly helps.

  14. Hello brother Rasheed,

    Miss seeing you at the Alameda Public Library on Oak Street doing your weekly storytelling to keep the residents inform on various topic especially like black power! One day we shall stroll through there again with a new sensible president.

    Stay .

  15. Rasheed it get worst. Take a look at any COVID-19 chest x-ray online and tell me what you see. I could not believe my eyes when I discovered it. No is talking about it. There are small creature like figures seen in the x-ray. Find on online or from a local news show.

  16. The Mayor should put testing sites in those areas without an appointment and test people with no symptoms as well, including the ones who have symptoms they all should get tested.

  17. Hey David! There is zip code-level data and there is county-wide race/ethnicity data, but there does not appear to be data that shows the numbers by race at the zip code scale.

  18. Thank you, J! This map was created yesterday, 4/23, using the ACPHD dashboard. If the data differs, it’s because the data has been updated. Sadly, that means more cases.

  19. What can folks living in Oakland do to support our community? Worried that any attempt to petition mayor will just result in OPD enforcement which seems like the last thing these communities need right now

  20. It would be wise for people with no symptoms to be able to get tested because they are the ones spreading it carelessly. People with symptoms stay in. It is ass-backward that one has to be feverish abs having respiratory problems to be tested – by then it is too late for those s/he/they already infected!

  21. If you’re incredibly worried, don’t go outside. It’s that simple. But don’t run other peoples lives. They want to go outside, then that’s up to them. You people trying to turn the town into a police state are truly disturbed. You’re probably the same people screaming police brutality at the drop of a hat.

  22. Hmm. Highest cases in the zip codes where those dumb asses gathered to have sideshows without any concern for social distancing. Go figure.

  23. Problem is, I’m in the dashboard from the alameda county public health dept. and your numbers differ. Some by a few and some by over 20 cases. When and where did you get this map that you’ve posted? It’s incorrect…. but the article was well written.

  24. How can others help the east Oakland community? Why is the COVID-19 rate so high there? Is social distancing and masks/scarf/bandana wearing being enforced? Do they need us to sew masks for the area or donate scarves?

  25. There are still people gathering. There are still homeless on the streets that need a place to stay. There are still piles of garbage everywhere. What is happening? And why are homeless with covid left out alone. A man passed away by Walgreens and his items may have been contaminated and were left there..right in front of the senior home on 85th and international.

  26. Thanks, Rasheed. While most of these East Oakland neighborhoods are black and brown, are there ethnic-based stats of those affected?

  27. Hi, is contact tracing set up in East Oakland?. I know many intergenerational families living together and doing home care with elders with underlying health issues, no employer involved here . No symptoms other then cold congestion, some coughing etc. Why can’t they be tested? By the way I live in East Oakland and so I’m very concern.

  28. I just wanted to enlarge the 94619 and post it everywhere. I could just hand it to the large number of people in my neighborhood that I have been complaining about out like nothing is going on! Also Excel is not just a Senior Care Facility. It also has younger special needs and those recovering from surgeries. My mother was there in 93. It was an excellent facility, I was surprised to see it listed.

  29. Peace R! Good point. The place with the most cases seems to have least access to testing.

    The City announced a partnership with Roots, which has a clinic in Deep East Oakland on 99th and E.14th.

    Will follow-up re: the processes on testing and confirmations.

  30. Thank you, Julie. If Oakland replicates its own historic patterns, and those of other cities related to race and class, we may not see cases in Montclair or above Highway 13.

  31. Thank you Rasheed! Where are the testing centers in Real East Oakland? Fruitvale a long way from folks on 84th ave and also on Keller! How are those # confirmed? You are the key to our knowledge……………..

  32. Thank You I’ve also Noticed people not showing distance are wearing the mask
    Shame on you Libby

  33. Informative piece. (FYI, 94611 covers a lot more than the city of Piedmont and Piedmont Ave, HarriOak neighborhoods.)

  34. Good article. As someone stated they need enforcement. No We had enough of that. We need education for them. Inform, ask questions why are you outside. Because maybe no food, water, or it’s not safe. Look at the zip codes and you see how we are divided. Socioeconomic…

  35. Do you have the link for the zip codes in Oakland that have all cases that have been reported? For every zip code.I could not find anything on the Alameda County Public Health site.

  36. Well written and presented piece. Thanks for this clear, concise and informative article. It answered all of my questions. I’ve been curious about how this Covid-19 crisis has been hitting my beloved Oakland.

  37. I live in the 94619 area. My apartment building has very elderly people and people with underlying conditions. I don’t understand why everyone can’t get tested. This shouldn’t of ever happened if the current administration had listen. My cousin died in New York by himself. They won’t return the body. I’m scared for everyone.

  38. Why can’t a person with no symptoms be tested? Do you need to be sick? I don’t get it

  39. I live off 55th Ave, there is a group of young people congregating on my block everyday. There is no social distancing others face masks worn. There needs to be some sort of enforcement of the Alameda County health message that was sent to many of our phones.

  40. I Lived In The 94608 Area Code/West Oakland Are There Any Test Site Available Here? We Have All These Local News Stations And They Do Not Give A Breakdown Of What’s Happening Here In Oakland. I Want To Thank You For Providing This Important Information.

  41. Oakland Mayor and OPD needs to be actively enforcing social distancing in these hard hit areas. I live in 94619 and I see people playing basketball, hanging out with kids in parks that are closed, and tons of people on trails and and carrying on in parked cars in my hood. It’s almost as if nothing has changed for these people, none wearing masks either.

  42. The Mayor needs to enforce the social distancing protocol. This is not surprising when you have people not doing what they are supposed to.

  43. When did these people get tested? Did they develop the symptoms because I was under the impression that testing was only available to essential workers.

  44. I’m not surprised at all. I’ve been working still for Uber and Lyft sparingly. With the ONLY actual business in the entire Bay being in the Fruitvale and East Oakland area.

    I’ve been very cautious and cleaning the vehicle regularly.

    God Speed to any that are, will and have been infected!

  45. I guess all the people on Nextdoor complaining about the lack of social distancing and masks in Laurel/Redwood heights are not just being judgmental and paranoid!

  46. That’s a damn shame and they want to open everything back up again,the govt don’t give a damn about none of us if they did everything would be shit down turned off until we got things back under control,that’s ok God is in control of this

  47. As of April 23, Excell Health Care Center has 36 of the COVID-19 cases reported in ZIP Code 94619. Indeed, our elders are the most vulnerable community in Oakland.

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