Food Court Roulette

Wednesday, October 27

My day started with a well-portioned breakfast of scrambled eggs, potatoes, and rice. About two hours later, while I sat outside of Macy’s waiting to clock in, I snacked on a green apple and listened to my iPod.

About an hour and a half into work, my manager asked me if I would be interested in working a full-shift that day. I agreed, since it meant more money on my next check. Instead of getting off midday, I would punch out at 8pm.

As I left my manager’s office, I realized how much of a problem a longer work day would pose for my diet. At the facility where I am staying, they give us tickets which we hand over in exchange for our bag lunches. No ticket, no lunch. I had misplaced mine, and couldn’t think of any other good solution for lunch.

When it was time for me to take a lunch break, I was clueless, and I needed to think quick. I work in a mall filled with the “don’ts” of my fast food fast: Burger King, Tokyo Grill, and the Great Steak & Potato Company were my options. With their bright signs and great smelling food, these restaurants seemed to be clamoring for my attention, as if chanting “Pick me, pick me!”

Indulge in nutritional sin or go hungry – these were my choices. I remembered that my nutritionist Delinda once told me to make the best possible decisions about what to eat from the options available to me. “Great Steak it is,” I whispered to myself as I made my way over to the restaurant.

I ordered a cold turkey and Swiss cheese sub – the best of some bad options. I wouldn’t call this a relapse. Delinda has reminded me many times that going hungry is never a good decision.

Of course, visiting the food court at a shopping mall is stepping into a vortex of fast food temptation. So, I’m extra proud of my will power. I resisted ordering the jalapeno and cheese fries I saw on a poster board at the register. While heading back to work after lunch break, I congratulated myself on a job I felt was well done.

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  1. My fast is actually over now @Elisabeth check out my new blog entry when its posted to see my reaction and future plans 🙂

    I know right! @Dre maybe i’ll try them & not eat anymore fast food after that haha Thank you, it takes a lot of mental strength to resist the temptations of the flesh

  2. i’ll admit, jalapeno and cheese fries sounds hella good 🙂

    proud of you Dawneka!!! keep it up!

  3. GREAT JOB resisting the temptation! You couldn’t have made a better choice. Malls are a compendium of trapdoors, hoping you’ll wander into one. How much longer is your fast?

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