My Last Meal

Thursday, September 30

Tomorrow begins a new chapter in my life. I’ll begin a month-long journey on a path I’ve never taken. I’ll commit to something that I have not contemplated in all of the twenty-one years I have been on this earth: giving up fast food.

“Only a month?,” some may question. But to a person like myself, fast food is a staple of my daily diet. 31 days is an eternity.

On the way home today, I stopped at McDonald’s to grab some dinner. “I may as well indulge in nutritional sin once more,” I thought to myself. After scanning the menu a bit I made my order. “Can I have a Number 1?,” I asked. I actually almost added a hot fudge sundae to that order when the server asked me if that was all.

After paying, I drifted around until my order was announced. When grabbing the cup for my drink and the bag that contained my Big Mac and french fries from the counter, I felt like a Death Row inmate receiving her last meal.

I sat down in one of their plastic brown chairs, and started eating. I chewed slowly, savoring the food as if it were the last time the flavor would tango with my taste buds before life as I knew it came to a halt.

I cannot help but feel anxious as well as excited about the road I will tread in a fast food-less diet plan. I told my oldest brother about my experiment. “Well, good luck,” he said. “And remember: mind over matter.”

He’s right. I can do this. After all, it’s a step towards a healthier me and possibly an extension on my life.


  1. Dawn

    Thank you Linda! I appreciate it =)

  2. Linda Franklin

    Great story telling: It’s going to be fun to follow you.

  3. Jo Ann Bell

    From one fast food junkie to another – This withdrawal process from fast-food will lead to a healthier you and you can later share the benefits of eating “better”…..I will keep you in prayer. Keep the updates coming…. J

  4. Alex G

    Good Luck! I look forward to your updates. You know what’s going to be difficult? Eating fast food after a month of not eating it.

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