‘I Got A Brick’: Mehserle Protester Prepares to Lash Out

By Dawneka Akins

OAKLAND, CA – “I got a brick. Trust me, when it gets dark, it’s goin’ through a window,” 58-year old OG Rich said as he strolled near 13th Street and Broadway, downtown. The Oakland native said he was fed up with seeing law enforcement mistreat the city’s young people, many of whom Rich regarded as his family. “Oscar Grant could have been my nephew.”

Rich admitted he was on the scene to be a part whatever happened, good or bad. “I’m gon’ help these people tear this (expletive) up!”

As protesters paced up and down Broadway – downtown Oakland’s main drag – some said they were content that Mehserle was actually convicted rather than acquitted.

As for Rich, he was adamant in his opposition to the involuntary manslaughter verdict. He held a sign that read “The whole damn system is guilty, we need a real resolution.” Each time he hoisted the sign, Rich seemed to grow more agitated. As he began to shout, “(Expletive) the police, you sorry (expletive)!,” young people joined his chant.

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