The Last Day

Friday, November 5

My month-long battle against fast food is finally over. My fast has ended.

It took a lot of mental strength for me to resist temptation and ignore the commands of my appetite to eat whatever pleased my senses – the junk food that’s everywhere, looking and smelling delicious.

I look back on where I was at the beginning of this experiment and compare that to where I am now. My mood was altered because I could not eat fast food. I became angry at times when I could not give in to my cravings and buy McDonald’s french fries.

My anger was a signal that I had a problem: I was a fast food addict.

Throughout this experiment, my meals have been well portioned and nutritious. At least, I’ve did the best I could. And there was a lot to that – being more deliberate about my eating choices, reading labels, considering what I put into my body before putting down my hard earned cash for a meal. Starting my day with oatmeal and boiled eggs (instead of a Big Country breakfast burrito from Carl’s Jr.) provided me with nutrients that were sufficient for my mind and body.

I had turkey sandwiches for lunch, fish with broccoli and carrots for dinner. That all feels like a world away from the Burger King Whopper burger meal with fries I use to eat regularly.

Through my new diet, I’ve learned that, while it’s important to manage your weight, it’s even more important to care for your body internally by having a proper diet.

Here is one of my greatest triumphs: I’ve just about broken the habit of being a slave to my junk food cravings. I’ve strengthened my self-control. Some may think because this journey has ended that I will return to the Big Macs, fries, sodas, chocolate sundaes, and eat whatever other fast food I please. I’ve heard people say it takes about six weeks to make or break a habit. Well, my fast food fast was about 31 days, and I consider my addiction broken!

I feel I’ve restrained my taste buds somewhat. When I smell KFC’s chicken or when the aroma of McDonald’s food wraps itself around my nose, I actually feel a bit nauseous now. I just don’t crave it all anymore.

Although my “no fast food” diet is supposed to be over, I plan on maintaining my new-found habits. Not to say that I won’t ever eat out again, but I will keep it very limited for the sake of my life.

The next obstacle I’m tacking head on is my sweet tooth. I crave chocolate more than anything. I’m taking things one step at a time. I look forward to continuing my new diet and becoming more healthy as it becomes a new habit and leads me to a healthier lifestyle.

To me, this ultimately means a better, longer life.

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