Debora Gordon

Debora Gordon is a writer, artist, educator and non-violence activist. She has been living in Oakland since 1991, moving here to become a teacher in the Oakland Unified School District. In all of these roles, Debora is interested in developing a life of the mind. “As a mere human living in these simultaneously thrilling and troubled times,” Debora says, “I try to tread lightly, live thoughtfully, teach peace, and not take myself too seriously.”

Stories by Debora

Leaving the streets behind

Prospective Berkeley Law student Clarence Ford, 28, has a 360-degree perspective on the law most lawyers lack. He was first arrested for marijuana possession at[Read more]

Seeking Refuge, Teaching Refuge

Student panelists at the Sanctuary Education Conference at the Islamic Cultural Center described feeling isolated at school, not having any Arab or Muslim teachers or[Read more]

The Education of Lam Vo

  Since arriving at Kern Valley State Prison seven years ago, Lam Vo has completed his G.E.D. But his education has gone further than book[Read more]

Prison To School Pipeline

The 14 graduates at the May ceremony shared an experience most college graduates couldn’t claim – they had all served time behind bars. “This feels[Read more]

A Day in the Life of Lam Vo

By Debora Gordon Lam ended a recent letter with “Write me when you find the time. I certainly have all the time in the world[Read more]

Body Art for Cars

By Debora Gordon Say you have a black Honda. Or a white Chevy van. Drive around all day and see dozens of cars indistinguishable from[Read more]