Oakland Voices Alumnus Ryan Barba Attending UC Berkeley in the Fall

A young man with long, poofy hair stands in front of a brick wall and smiles for the camera.
Ryan Barba. Photo by Saskia Hatvany, former Editor-in-Chief of the Laney Tower

Oakland Voices alumnus (2017-2018 cohort) has been accepted to several UC’s, and will be attending Berkeley in the Fall. Barba is Editor-in-Chief at the Peralta Citizen at Laney College.

Barba said, “being a high school dropout, getting accepted into UC Berkeley would have seemed like a fantasy. But my years in community college put me on a journey where I engaged with many wonderful people and life changing opportunities such as Oakland Voices. I couldn’t be more grateful for the road that has contributed to me becoming a Golden Bear and journalist.”

Barba documented a part of his journey for Oakland Voices, where he wrote about receiving his GED and continuing to pursue writing and journalism.

Barba will be majoring in Media Studies (formerly known as Mass Communication) at Berkeley. He plans to become a community college instructor after earning a Master’s degree and will continue to write and report as a freelancer. “I will never stop writing and intend to continue throughout the remainder of my studies,” he said.

Congratulations, Ryan!

Oakland Voices is currently accepting applications for our 2021 cohort. Apply by May 14, 2021.

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  1. Bill

    Such an inspiring story that is still unfolding. UCB is fortunate to have your voice. Congratulations and onward!

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