Just around the corner in East Oakland

Take a walk around Deep East Oakland with Oakland Voices correspondent Yadira Cervantes.

Today, one of those sunny days in the Bay. It’s 3:16 in the afternoon. My son just woke up from his nap. With a contagious smile, he looks at me and asks for milk. Let’s go for a walk instead, I say, while grabbing my hat from the closet. 

As soon as we step out of our house in East Oakland, a warm breeze brushes my cheeks. We start walking towards San Leandro St, on 92nd Ave. A big brown dog scares my son with the loudest bark I ever hear. Few more steps and a big pile of garbage forces us to get off the sidewalks. 

“Stinks, stinks” repeats my son as he walks on his tip toe around a diaper and broken glass falling out a big plastic bag. Far away we hear the sound the BARTmakes. We stop right in the corner, look to the left, to the right, I hold my son’s tiny hand and we both quietly cross the street. 

With a big white wall on one side and a wide street on the other, step by step we walk. The marijuana smell and laughs sounds comes out from a light blue house.

It’s time to turn around and get back home, the sun is burning us and the little one next to me claims to be tired. 

I bend myself over and he suddenly jumps on my back, with a sigh of victory.

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