Talk of the Town: What is your vision for West Oakland?

What is your vision for West Oakland? Oakland Voices correspondent Dishonne Muhammad asks local residents.

“My vision is for more low income housing for people who need it. There’s a lot of building going on in West Oakland, and I feel that some of these units need to be set aside for people with lower incomes. We have been here.Some of our families have lived in West Oakland for over 50 years.”
Larry Ball, Curbside Resident

“I’m not a resident of West Oakland, I just work here. I am a developer. My vision for the future of West Oakland is to keep the local people here, but develop the area, and kind of clean it up.
Bryan Ritchie, City Ventures Developer
“I would like to see West Oakland taken back to its roots, when there were more faces of color in the area. This was once a thriving community. I would also like to see more funding for schools like McClymond’s High, and West Oakland Middle School, so that students just don’t feel like their just rejects, during school hours.”
Kanitra Love, Resident
“My vision for West Oakland, is for more economic land development to happen around the homeless epidemic that’s going on. I look forward to being a participant in this process.”
Miayako Dennis, West Oakland Resident

What is your vision for West Oakland?

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