There has got to be something the government can do regarding guns


I was about 7 when I had my first encounter with a gun. It was my grandpa’s and I found it somewhere around the living rom. As a young kid I was really exited to touch one for the first time. Later on after high school, I joined the U.S. Navy and had access to many guns, a 9 mm pistol, a 16 gage shot gun, a 50 mm machine gun and a rifle. I have never owned a gun but I had a gun since I turned 18. I enjoy going to shooting ranges with my friends and will love to go hunting sometime. Luckily I have never been around a nasty situation where my life or my friend’s lives are in danger. But it is very common to hear about people getting shot at around our neighborhood.
There has got to be something that our government can do to keep the levels of homicide low, but what can that be?
President Obama believes that he can make this possible with his new executive order on guns. His order focuses on extensive background checks on people that buy and sell to keep the guns away from the hands of criminals, people that had previously had mental issues and of course kids. On the other hand, some people think that President Obama is trying to confiscate firearms from Americans, but he said he is not trying to do that and that he is sticking to the Second Amendment.
Obama also mentions the creation of new gun technology by gun retailers like Smith& Wesson – guns that can only be fired by the rightful owner, guns that activate with the owner’s finger prints. This type of technology will create some type of safety around the households; this will especially keep kids from firing daddy’s gun and hurting themselves. These new guns will be available in around three months, from according to Obama.
I hope these new regulations and deep background checks don’t keep me from buying a gun in the future, because I would like to have one at home for protection; it is also fun to go to a shooting range and go hunting. But there have been a lot of insane acts of violence in the past that require immediate responses to make changes and create a safer America.
What do you think about Obama’s executive order on guns?

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