Tweets of the Mayoral Race: Allen Temple Forum

The race to become Oakland’s next mayor is serious business with serious consequences for the people of East Oakland, who often face issues that only major city hall policy change can affect. As election day draws near, the candidates’ positions on everything from health to economic growth are scrutinized. On October 22nd at Allen Temple Arms, The East Oakland Building Healthy Communities organization hosted a forum for the mayoral candidates. The format was somewhat unusual: members of the community spoke to the room, telling their stories. Candidates could elect to respond to each issue as they chose, but they needed to keep in within the alloted time. The forum focused on four major issues: housing costs, food availability, environmental health, and economic growth.

Oakland Voices (@OaklandVoices) covered the forum through video, print, and social media. Below are some of our favorite Twitter moments from the evening.

The future of journalism, Oakland Voices writers Saa’un Bell (@SaaunB), Erick Chavarria, and Le’Ana Powell.

Our own Tiffany Lacsado (@Lacsado510) live-tweeted:



Several other residents stood up to speak about their experiences living in East Oakland, including a father who took his young son on a walk, looking for fresh, affordable fruits and vegetables.  Candidates talked about ways to help the city with problems like these:

There was hardly a dry eye in the house when these women spoke about the critical importance of clean living conditions. Ms. Powell (below) spoke of her asthma attack on a crowded bus…

…and how, through measure EE, this community resident escaped unsafe living conditions, and was proud to be the first person who opened the kitchen cabinets in her new home, with help from public assistance.

Some responses:

*”Truman” should be “Tuman”, apologies.

Economic development was a big theme for the evening. Candidates all agreed that building up businesses was important, but they all had different ways of talking about it.

The event ended with a warm thank you to all the speakers, guests, and candidates. Strangers turned to one another to exchange thoughts on who did well, who was off-base.  Opinions varied, but everyone was pleased to see the mayoral candidates speak so passionately to our community.

The EOBHC forum was at turns moving, powerful, and full of plain-spoken truths. We at Oakland Voices enjoyed covering the event. Thanks to everyone who attended and spoke with us.



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