Health of the Hood: Between Upper Diamond and Laurel

Each of our correspondents took roughly a 3 square-block walk around their neighborhood, taking stock of the area’s services, stores, homes, schools, and especially how people in the community were living their lives. The goal is to give real, detailed texture to our understanding of the quality of life in East Oakland’s neighborhoods from the perspectives of people who live there. These pieces were done in conjunction with Oakland Tribune Violence Reporting Fellow Scott Johnson’s Oakland Effect project.

By Jian Di Liang

In general, my neighborhood is really quiet. The streets are narrow and clean. The restaurants, school, stores and so on are mainly located on MacArthur Street. Not a lot of people are on the street. Some people just drive by or walk with their dogs. Compared to Laurel Street, few trees are planted on Georgia Street.

There is one auto repair store and one car-wash one block east away from my house. There are no public schools, parks, banks, libraries, or other services within the target walking distance.

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