The Unmentionables

Momma enjoys her quiet moments, and I relish the peace. By Jo Ann Bell

“No, I am not taking these off.” Momma was doing more pleading than pushing during one of our nightly battles as I changed her disposable underwear.

“You cannot take these from me! They are not dirty. Look, all you need to do is wash them.” She pelted me with all this resistance, while taking wadded up toilet paper in an effort to wipe the diaper clean. She had a point to prove.

Finally, in desperation, I took the sides of the underwear, quietly tore them apart, and removed the whole thing from her body. I put a fresh set on her, trying to focus through my exhaustion.

On some days and nights, I find the effort outweighs the benefit.  “Keep them on,” I think. When she puts up her fights, I use that simple mantra to fix things in the short run. “You will forget that we had this episode in a little while anyway, Momma, and off they will come.”

We both win those.

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