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a grey sweatshirt with the letters "OAL" in simple text and a black one on the right

Dope Only Sells Limited Edition Sweatshirts to Raise Funds for Oakland Athletic League

Beginning in January, Oakland Athletic League (OAL) is partnering with Dope Only Marketing, the creator of “Oakland, USA” t-shirts and sweatshirts, as seen worn by Daveed Diggs in the movie Blindspotting. “Oakland, USA” sweatshirts are[Read more]
an image of an African American girl smiling while holding a poster drawing that she created

Oakland Youth Artist Daria Belle Shares Her Artistic Process

Daria Belle exhibits her social justice and politically-themed art around the Bay Area, such as her recent participation with Artivate’s “Feminism Now.” The 16-year old high school sophomore lives in Oakland and attends school in[Read more]
An image of a classroom.

OUSD Board of Education Supports California Draft Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum Including Arab American Studies, But May be Cut from State Curriculum

OUSD supports Arab American studies, but CA Dept of Education may cut it out of the Ethnic Studies curriculum.
A young African American man, Akil Riley, stands in front of a fence for a photo.

Oakland Voices: Youth activists leading the Black Lives Matter Movement

Oakland Voices interviewed five young leaders who have taken the Black Lives Matter Movement by storm and reminded us that not only are our youth the future, but they are also the present.
A red car has the window open. A hand is holding a homemade cardboard sign that says "Fund Schools Not Police BLM"

Effort to get rid of police in Oakland schools gains momentum as Black Lives Matter protests continue

A local campaign led by Black activists in Oakland to transform OUSD by expelling school police is gaining momentum.

Empowering Youth and Disrupting Cycles of Violence

“I give them all the advice that I didn’t get.” -Michael Muscadine The weather, like the multicultural crowd, was beautiful. The music was danceable, the live artwork was politically conscious, and the tacos and aguas[Read more]

A Day in the Life of Lam Vo

By Debora Gordon Lam ended a recent letter with “Write me when you find the time. I certainly have all the time in the world to wait.” This prompted me to ask him what it[Read more]

A Call to Lam’s Mother

By Debora Gordon Many, perhaps most, parts of this story have been hard to tell. I often imagine someone who might be personally affected by a particular part of the story looking over my shoulder.[Read more]