Indigenous Red Market in Oakland Brings Together Native American Art, Culture, Food

Image of Pomo Native American dancers at an outdoor event.
Pomo dancers at the Indigenous Red Market in the Fruitvale district. Photo by Howard Dyckoff.

Earlier in November, the, Native American Health Center in the Fruitvale hosted another Indigenous Red Market on International Blvd.

There was an extensive cultural entertainment program, featuring Native American dancers, Ohlone Sisters who sang traditional songs, and a hip-hop performance by the Snotty Nose Rez Kids. The atmosphere was festive. The Indigenous Red Market started in 2018. The November public event was the last one of this season.

Native American organizations provided community information, art demonstrations, and more than 35 Indigenous vendors selling handmade clothing, jewelry, and craft goods.

Food trucks and vendors were also present: BigFoot Indian Tacos, Boricua Kitchen, Hummingbird Desserts, and juices from Nik Nek Lemonade.

The next market will be March 19, 2023, with another one in summer 2023. 

Native American Health Center Expansion

Some big news for the health center: plans for a new location as part of the health center’s expansion are underway. The new construction will provide space for additional dental exam rooms for children and families, more services for mothers and children, a space for cultural events, and 76 units of affordable housing, according to the health center.

Construction will begin on a new Indian Health Center in the fall, where the Indigenous Red Market is currently located. The Red Market will move to a new location after that, according to a spokesperson from the health center.

Two Ohlone women sing on a stage
The Ohlone Sisters providing traditional songs during the Indigenous Red Market in Oakland. Photo by Howard Dyckoff.
close up of beaded collars of colorful clothes
Indigenous vendors selling handmade clothing, jewelry, and craft goods.
Two women wearing masks hold up plates of fry bread tacos
Frybread is always a favorite. Bigfoot Tacos served sweet and savory ones, plus chili bowls and “res dogs.” Photo by Howard Dyckoff.
An image of two women behind a yellow food truck lemonade stand
Nik Nek Lemonade was on hand to provide juices. Photo by Howard Dyckoff.
Calpulli Coatlicue Aztec Dancers wearing head dresses pose for photo at outdoor market
Calpulli Coatlicue Aztec dancers at the Indigenous Red Market. Photo by Howard Dyckoff.
A member of an Indigenous rap group sings into a mic
The First Nations hip-hop group Snotty Nose Rez Kids closed out the entertainment program at the Indigenous Red Market in Oakland’s Fruitvale neighborhood. Photo by Howard Dyckoff.
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